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Artist   Album Title   Location   Date   Source   Rating   CDs
Aerosmith Millenium Concert Osaka, Japan 12/31/99 PRO A+ 2
Beatles The Rooftop Concert London, England 1/30/69 PRO A 1
Def Leppard Kamloops, BC Canada British Columbia, Canada 9/21/03 AUD A- 1
Guns N' Roses Gunners In Aussie Melbourne, Australia 12/15/88 PRO B+ 1
Guns N' Roses A One-Way Ticket To Chicago Chicago, Illinois 4/9/92 AUD A+ 2
Guns N' Roses Live At The Ritz New York, NY 2/2/88 PRO A+ 1
Kiss Dallas, Texas 2004 Dallas, Texas 6/11/2004 AUD A 1
Van Halen Live - Largo, MD Largo, MD 10/12/82 PRO A- 1
Van Halen Diver Down Brazil San Paulo, Brazil 1/21/83 PRO A- 1
Van Halen Molson Center Toronto 1995 Toronto, Canada 1995 PRO A+ 1
Van Halen Reunion Tour 2004 East Rutherford, NJ 6/23/2004 AUD A 1


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