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Artist   Album Title   Location   Date   Source   Rating   CDs
Manowar Four Metal Kings Brooklyn, NY 12/29/83 AUD B 2
Manowar Hammer Of Thor East Queens, NY 6/6/86 AUD B+ 2
Manowar Bloodshed In Tilburg Tilburg 5/23/87 SBD A- 1
Manowar Live In Filderstadt Filderstadt, Germany 6/3/98 AUD A- 3
Manowar Mystery In The North Umea, Sweeden 1999 AUD A 1
Manowar Warriors Of Dortmund Dortmund, Germany 12/16/02 AUD B+ 2
Matchbox 20 Live In Australia Australia 1998 SBD A 1
Paul McCartney & Wings Last Flight Glasgow, Scotland 12/17/79 SBD A 2
Paul McCartney Independance Day Washington, DC 7/4/90 SBD A 2
Paul McCartney Back In The USA Volume 3 Various 1993 SBD A 1
Megadeth American Assault Webster Hall, NY 10/25/94 SBD A 1
Megadeth 13th June 1997 Mesa, AZ 6/13/97 SBD A+ 1
Megadeth Unplugged Buenos Aires, Argentina 12/11/97 SBD A 1
John Mellencamp The 4th Of July Deer Creek, MI 7/4/92 SBD A 2
John Mellencamp Wild At Night Chicago, IL 8/27/94 SBD A 1
Metallica Loud But Secret London, England 8/23/95 AUD A- 2
Metallica Devil's Dance Stockholm, Sweeden 11/16/96 SBD A 2
Metallica Symphonica San Francisco, CA 4/22/99 SBD B+ 2
Alanis Morissette I've Never Been In Love Amsterdam, Holland 10/95 SBD A- 1
Alanis Morissette Light My Fire Roseland Ballroom, NY 2/8/96 SBD A+ 1
Alanis Morissette Thank U Woodstock Woodstock, NY 1999 SBD A 1
Mother Love Bone Studio Master Demos Studio Unknown SBD A 1
Motley Crue The Doctor Is In London, England 11/2/89 AUD C+ 2
Motley Crue Decade Of Demos Studio 80-90 SBD A 1
Motley Crue Tattoo Blues Salt Lake City, UT 7/5/2000 SBD A 1
Nirvana Trick Or Treat Seattle, WA 10/31/91 SBD A 1
Nirvana Reading Festival London, England 8/92 SBD A 1
Nirvana Roma Morino 2/22/94 SBD A 1
Ozzy Osbourne Paranoid Man Kansas City, MO 1986 SBD A 1
Ozzy Osbourne Phoenix Rising Phoenix, AZ 4/13/96 SBD A 2
Ozzy Osbourne One Up The B Side Studio Various SBD A 1
Page & Plant Simple Truth San Jose, CA 5/20/95 SBD A 2
Page & Plant Four Madmen And A Friend Paris, France 3/30/98 SBD A 2
Page & The Black Crowes Oh Well New York, NY 10/12/99 SBD A+ 2
Pearl Jam Milkweg 92' Amsterdam, Holland 2/12/92 SBD A+ 1
Pearl Jam Tivoli Gardens Utrecht, Holland 3/4/92 SBD A- 1
Pearl Jam Unplugged Uncut Uncensored New York, NY 3/16/92 SBD A 1
Pearl Jam Burning Atlanta, GA 4/3/94 SBD A+ 2
Pearl Jam Down Under Melbourne, Australia 3/17/95 SBD A+ 2
Pearl Jam Heard Chicago, IL 7/11/95 SBD A+ 2
Pearl Jam Checkpoint Charlie Berlin, Germany 11/3/96 SBD A+ 2
Pearl Jam All Hail To The Lucky Ones Melbourne, Australia 3/5/98 SBD A+ 2
Pearl Jam Studio B Various Studio Various SBD A 2
Pearl Jam 15th Annual Bridge School Benefit Mountain View, CA 10/20/01 AUD A+ 2
Pearl Jam No Stone In Chicago Chicago, IL 9/23/02 AUD A+ 1
Pearl Jam Showbox: First Night Seattle, WA 12/05/02 AUD A 2
Tom Petty Southern Gentleman Florida 11/4/93 SBD A 2
Tom Petty 20 Nights At The Filmore San Francisco, CA 2/7/97 SBD A 3
Tom Petty Room At The Top Of The Titanic Los Angeles, CA 3/31/99 SBD A 1
Tom Petty The Vic Chicago Chicago, IL 4/19/03 SBD A+ 2
Pink Floyd The Great Gig On The Moon Sapporo, Japan 3/12/72 AUD B+ 1
Pink Floyd The Wall Nassau Uniondale, NY 2/28/80 SBD A- 2
Pink Floyd P*3 (Pulse Disc 3) Various 1994 AUD A- 1
Robert Plant Now And Here Philadelphia, PA 5/23/88 SBD A 1
Robert Plant Storytellers VH1 Studios 5/23/88 SBD A 1
Poison Live As Paris Old Forge, PA 1/15/84 SBD B+ 1
Poison Donington 1990 Donington, England 8/18/90 SBD A 1
Poison 7 Days Live Hammersmith Apollo, England 8/23/93 SBD A 1
Poison Crack A Smile (1996) Studio / MTV Unplugged 1996 SBD A 1
Poison Tampa 2K Tampa, FL 7/16/2000 SBD A 1
The Police Crimewatch Europe 1980 SBD A 1
The Police Many Miles Away Montreal, Canada 2/8/83 SBD A 1
Prince Tokyo 1990 Tokyo, Japan 1990 SBD A 1
Queensryche Ryche & Roll Milan, Italy 12/6/90 AUD A- 2
Quireboys Monsters Of Rock Festival Donnington, England 8/18/90 SBD A 1
REM Songs For A Green World Orlando, FL 4/30/99 SBD A 1
REM American Acoustic Tour 1991 USA 1991 SBD A 1
REM Adhesion Milton Keynes, England 7/30/95 SBD A+ 2
REM Fan Club and Christmas Funtime Studio 88-96 SBD A 1
REM We Don't Play Jimi Hendrix Songs BBC 10/27/98 SBD A 1
REM The Highest Form Of Life Stockholm, Sweeden 11/9/98 SBD A- 2
REM Rock In Rio Live Rio De Janero, Brazil 1/13/01 SBD A 2
Red Hot Chili Peppers Woodstock 1999 Rome, NY 1999 SBD A 1
Rolling Stones Conquer America USA 1964-67 SBD A 1
Rolling Stones Get Your Leeds Lungs Out! Leeds, UK 3/13/71 SBD A 1
Rolling Stones Terrifying Atlantic City, NJ 1989 SBD A- 2
Rolling Stones St. Louis To Babylon St. Louis, MO 12/12/97 SBD A+ 2
Rolling Stones St. Louis To Babylon Disc 3 Various 10/97 SBD A- 1
Rolling Stones Rock The Palais Toronto, Canada 8/16/02 SBD A 1
David Lee Roth Live At Selland Arena Fresno, CA 12/14/86 AUD B 1
David Lee Roth Helsinki Finland Helsinki, Finland 7/15/99 SBD B 1
David Lee Roth The Rocking Tone Minnesota State Fair, MN 8/25/01 AUD B+ 2
Rush Mirrors Oakland, CA 1/30/92 SBD A 2
Bryan Setzer Orchastra Woodstock 1999 Rome, NY 1999 SBD A 1
Skid Row Live In California California 1989 SBD A 1
Skid Row Banzai 2 Tokyo, Japan 10/8/92 SBD A 2
Skid Row Banzai 2 Tokyo, Japan 10/8/92 SBD A 2
Skid Row Hollywood Rock Brazil 1992 SBD B+ 1
Smashing Pumpkins Secrets Of Your Dreams Dusseldorf, Germany 4/7/95 SBD A 1
Smashing Pumpkins The World Is A Vampire Chicago, IL 8/23/95 SBD A 1
Smashing Pumpkins Ava Adore London, England 1998 SBD A 1
Soundgarden Blow Up The Outside London, England 9/19/96 SBD B+ 2
Sting Un Abrazo A La Esperanza Santiago, Chile 1985 SBD A- 2
Sting The Complete Chicago Sessions Chicago, IL 1993&91 SBD A+ 1
Sting The Lost Angels Los Angeles, CA 10/30/99 SBD A 2
Stone Temple Pilots Unplugged & More Los Angeles, CA & New York, NY 12/19/94 SBD A 1
Stone Temple Pilots Interstate Love Songs Unknown 1995 SBD A+ 1
Stone Temple Pilots House Of Blues Los Angeles, CA 1995 SBD A 1
Tesla Radio Active Milwaukee, WI 6/27/87 SBD B+ 1
Tesla Unplugged and Unsensored New York, NY 6/27/90 SBD A 1
Tesla The Last Action Heroes Studio Various SBD A- 1
Shania Twain Kickin' It In Dallas Dallas, TX 9/12/98 SBD A 2
U2 War In The USA Devore, CA 5/30/83 SBD A 1
U2 High On A Desert Plain Tempe, AZ 12/19/87 SBD A+ 2
U2 Elevation Tour - Chicago Chicago, IL 5/15/01 ALD A 2
U2 Elevation Tour - South Bend South Bend, IN 10/10/01 SBD A+ 2
Ugly Kid Joe Get Outta My Face USA 1992 SBD A 1
Van Halen Live - Largo, MD Largo, MD 10/12/82 PRO A- 1
Van Halen Diver Down Brazil San Paulo, Brazil 1/21/83 PRO A- 1
Van Halen Molson Center Toronto 1995 Toronto, Canada 1995 PRO A+ 1
Van Halen Reunion Tour 2004 East Rutherford, NJ 6/23/2004 AUD A 1
Van Halen Zero Studio 1975 SBD A+ 1
Van Halen The Unreleased Studio & Live Various VAR A+ 4
Van Halen Goldenwest Ballroom Norwalk, CA 1976 SBD B 1
Van Halen Atomic Punk And More Pasadena, CA 12/20/77 SBD A- 1
Van Halen Blueprint Studio 10/26/77 SBD A+ 2
Van Halen Live And Loud Fresno, CA 12/20/77 SBD A- 1
Van Halen Floor'em At The Forum Los Angeles, CA 82 AUD A 2
Van Halen Caracas FM Caracas, Venezuela 2/26/83 SBD A 2
Van Halen US Festival '83 Devore, CA 5/29/83 SBD B+ 2
Van Halen 1984 Previous Night Studio 1984 SBD B- 1
Van Halen Sundown In San Diego San Diego, CA 5/20/84 AUD A 4
Van Halen Diamond Dave Goes Home Again Indianapolis, IN 7/6/84 AUD B+ 1
Van Halen Wild In The Stadium Karlsruhe, Germany 9/1/84 AUD B+ 1
Van Halen California Dreamin' New Haven, CT 1987 SBD A+ 1
Van Halen I Can't Tell You Tokyo, Japan 2/1/89 SBD A+ 1
Van Halen Complete Balance Tour Tokyo, Japan 1995 SBD A+ 2
Van Halen Rocks The Beer Hall Toronto, Canada 8/95 SBD A+ 2
Van Halen Live At The 10 Spot Sydney, Australia 4/20/98 SBD A 1
Van Halen This Ain't Pittsburgh Hershey, PA 7/26/98 SBD A 2
Van Halen On The Beach In Hartford Hartford, CT 6/28/04 AUD A 2
Van Halen Legal In Cleveland? Cleveland, OH 7/2/2004 AUD A+ 2
Various Artists The Moscow Peace Festival Moscow, Russia 1989 SBD A- 1
Various Artists The Great British Music Festival London, England 1/20/91 SBD A 3
Various Artists The Freddie Mercury Tribute London, England 4/20/92 SBD A- 3
Various Artists Blood On Blood Red Bank, NJ 1/31/98 SBD A 3
The Wallflowers Universal Amphitheater Universal Amphitheater 12/14/96 SBD A 1
The Wallflowers Unplugged and More Various 1997 SBD A 1
Warrant Long Beach 1990 Long Beach, NY 1990 SBD A 1
Warrant Acoustic In Brazil Brazil 1998 SBD A- 1
Warrant Alternaphobic Studio & Florida Various SBD A- 1
Whitesnake Rock In Rio 1985 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1/19/85 SBD A- 1
Whitesnake Hot In The Night London, England 1987 SBD A- 1
Whitesnake Live In Tokyo Tokyo, Japan 1988 SBD A 2
Whitesnake Slow And Easy Tokyo, Japan 1988 SBD A- 1
Whitesnake Back In Donnington Donnington, England 8/18/90 SBD A+ 2
Whitesnake Monsters Of Rock Donnington, England 8/18/90 SBD A 2
Whitesnake The Last Farewell Buenos Aires, Argentina 12/13/97 SBD A- 1
Whitesnake Unplugged Tokyo, Japan Unknown SBD A+ 1
The Who Quadrophenia 1996 New York, NY 7/18/96 SBD A 2
Winger Heartbreak In Detroit Detroit, MI 1990 SBD A 1
Neil Young & Pearl Jam Listen To This Eddie! San Francisco, CA 6/24/95 AUD A- 2
ZZ Top Eliminating Donnington Donnington, England 8/20/83 SBD A 1
ZZ Top Waiting For The Show Hartford, CT 5/24/94 SBD B+ 1
ZZ Top Live In Paris 1996 Paris, France 1996 AUD B+ 2


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