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Rating Description Who'd Want It?
A+ Could have been a real release Top Notch Bootleg! A must have for everyone
A Almost perfect, one minor flaw Half the people won't even notice the flaw
A- Excellent, but one or two flaws, or a weakness throughout Everyone would probably enjoy this
B+ Good, but not as good as it could be Good enough for almost everyone but the finicky
B Good, but has flaws also You really love this band and were at this show
B- Fair, flawed Diehard fans only
C+ and below You are sitting on the roof of your car in the parking lot... You have every show of this band that exists except it
  Artist Name Album Title Location Date SRC Rating CDs
  AC/DC Hola Madrid!! Madrid, Spain 7/4/96 SB A 1
  Bryan Adams Summer Of '96 London, England 7/27/96 SB A 2
  Aerosmith Live Emotions Central Park, NY 8/29/75 SB A 1
  Aerosmith Donnington 1990 Donnington, England 8/18/90 SB A 1
  Aerosmith Out Of Control Europe 1994 SB A+ 2
  Aerosmith The Sweet Taste Of... Nuremburg, Germany 5/18/97 SB A+ 1
  Aerosmith Turn Of The Century Osaka, Japan 12/31/99 SB A+ 2
  Alice In Chains Live And Unchained USA / Los Angeles 93 & 92 SB A 1
  Beastie Boys 3 MC's And 1 DJ Lorely, Germany 3/23/98 SB A 2
  Beatles Complete Ed Sullivan Performances Various Various SB A 1
  Beatles Shea! / Candlestick Park NY, NY/ SF, CA 68 & 69 SB B 1
Beatles The Lost Pepperland Reel Apple / Studio Various SB B 1
  Beatles As Nature Intended Apple / Studio 1/30/69 SB A 1
  Beatles Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection Various Various SB A 2
  Black Crowes High In Houston Houston, TX 1993 SB A 2
Black Crowes Foamfoot Los Angeles, CA Unknown SB A 1
Black Crowes VH1 Storytellers New York, NY 8/27/96 SB A 2
  Black Crowes The Easter Bunny, Fox & Crowes Atlanta, GA 4/4/99 Aud A 2
  Bon Jovi Asphalt Jungle Cincinnati, OH 1987 SB A 1
  Bon Jovi Acoustic Melbourne, Australia 10/10/93 SB A 1
  Bon Jovi Live At Milton Keynes Milton Keynes, England 9/18/93 SB A 2
  Bon Jovi Forever And A Day Bremen, Germany 5/27/95 SB A+ 1
  Bon Jovi Zurich Night 2000 Zurich, Switzerland 8/30/00 SB A 2
  Boston Mission Aborted Acetate / Studio 1975 & 76 SB A 1
  Boston Past Invitation Long Beach Arena, CA 10/16/77 SB A- 1
Britny Fox Gudbuy T' Dean Philadelphia, PA 10/20/89 SB A 1
Britny Fox Live At Froggy's Dover, DE 5/6/01 SB A 1
  The Cars Greatest Hits Live USA 1987 SB A 1
  Cinderella Gypsy Road Little Rock, AK 1990 SB A- 1
  Creed Torn In Orlando Orlando, FL 12/12/98 SB A- 1
  Billy Corgan KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas California 1998 SB A 1
  Coverdale / Page Rehersals 1993 Europe 1993 SB B+ 2
Coverdale / Page First & Last Tokyo & Nagoya, Japan 12/93 SB A- 4
Coverdale / Page Over Now Tokyo, Japan 12/18/93 SB A 2
  Sheryl Crow Sunday Night At The Paradiso Amsterdam, Holland 11/3/96 SB A+ 2
  Sheryl Crow Limited Editions Toronto, Canada 96 & 11/98 SB A+ 1
  Shery Crow and Friends Central Park In Blue New York, NY 1999 SB A 2
  Sheryl Crow Rocks Off New York, NY 4/30/01 SB A 2
  Damn Yankees Combined Forces New York, NY 1990 SB A 1
  Damn Yankees Tokyo 93 Tokyo, Japan 1993 SB A 2
  Def Leppard Overture London, England 1980 SB A- 1
  Def Leppard Warchild London, England / Studio 80 & 78 SB A- 1
  Def Leppard First Strike Studio 1979? SB A- 1
  Def Leppard Rock Till You Drop! Los Angles, CA 1983 SB A+ 2
  Def Leppard Stage Fright Denver, CO 1988 SB A- 2
  Def Leppard The Circus Comes To Town Unknown 1993 SB A+ 2
  Def Leppard Switch 1996 Osaka, Japan 6/17/96 SB A 2
  Def Leppard Unplugged And Unshaved Toronto, Candada 11/25/95 SB A 1
  Def Leppard Storytellia VH1 1999 SB A 1
  Def Leppard Wasted 1999 Tokyo, Japan 10/2/99 SB A+ 2
  Def Leppard High N Dry In Osaka Osaka, Japan 11/21/02 Aud A 2
  Def Leppard San Francixco San Francisco, CA 12/14/02 Aud A+ 2
  Duran Duran Dance Into The Fire San Francisco / San Diego 1987 SB   2
  Duran Duran Fiesta Latina Buenos Aires, Argentina 4/30/93 SB A 1
  Eagles Wasted Time Minneapolis, MN 2/25/95 SB A 2
  Extreme California 1989 Westminster, CA 6/6/89 SB A+ 1
  Extreme London 1992 London, England 12/23/92 Aud A 2
  Extreme No Way Out New York, NY 1/29/93 Aud B+ 2
  Extreme Take It To The Limits Dallas, TX 1/91 SB B+ 1
  Extreme Dreams Come True Europe 1994 SB A 1
  Faith No More Live At Braxton Academy London, England 4/28/90 SB A 1
  John Fogerty In Concert Against AIDS Oakland, CA 5/27/89 Aud A 1
  Foo Fighters Flying From Glascow Glascow, Scotland 11/23/99 SB A- 1
  Genesis Follow You Follow Me Chicago, IL 10/13/78 SB A- 2
Genesis Musica Europe 1980 SB A 2
  Genesis Perfect Three Sides Live Nassau, NY 1981 SB A 2
  Genesis Three Nights In Philly Philadelphia, PA 1983 SB A 2
  Genesis Summer Nights Knebworth, England 1992 SB A 2
  Great White Big Blues Electric Ladyland, NY 5/31/91 SB A 1
  Guns N' Roses .44 Caliber Horticulture Vol. 1 Studio 1987 SB A- 1
  Guns N' Roses .44 Caliber Horticulture Vol. 2 CBGB & London 10/30/87 SB B/A 1
  Guns N' Roses Sessions Studio 1987 SB A 2
  Guns N' Roses Rumbo Tapes Studio 1991 SB B- 1
  Guns N' Roses The Garden Studio 1991 SB B- 1
  Guns N' Roses Silent Shots Ritz, NY 1989 SB A 1
  Guns N' Roses 3rd Gig Japan ? SB A- 2
  Guns N' Roses Hard Rock Heros Roxy, NY 1989 SB A 1
  Guns N' Roses Bad Obsession Uniondale, NY 6/17/91 SB B+ 2
  Guns N' Roses Brazil Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1/20/91 SB A- 1
  Guns N' Roses Rock Wembley Wembly Arena, London 8/31/91 SB B 2
  Guns N' Roses Last American Hero Los Angeles, CA 8/2/91 Aud B- 3
  Guns N' Roses Banzai Tokyo Dome, Japan 2/22/92 SB A+ 2
  Guns N' Roses Rocket Queens Tokyo Dome, Japan 2/22/92 SB A+ 4
  Guns N' Roses Box Tokyo Dome, Japan 2/92 Aud B 3
  Guns N' Roses HiFi Stereo From Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OK 6/4/92 SB A 2
  Guns N' Roses Paris Paris, France 6/6/92 SB A 2
  Guns N' Roses Live At Milton Keynes Milton Keynes, England 5/29/93 SB A- 2
  Guns N' Roses Live In Argentena Estadio River Plate, Argentena 7/16/93 SB A 2
  Guns N' Roses Unplugged Argentena / USA 93 & 89 SB A/B 1
  Guns N' Roses Covering Em' Various Various SB A 1
  Guns N' Roses Return Of The Legends Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1/15/01 SB A- 2
  Guns N' Roses Falling Star? London, England 8/26/02 Aud? A 2
  Sammy Hagar Red Rocker At Red Rocks Red Rocks, CO 8/31/97 SB A- 2
  Sammy Hagar Live At The Hard Rock Cafe Los Angeles, CA 3/20/00 SB A 1
  Sammy Hagar St. Louis Beachparty 2000 St. Louis, MO 2000 SB A 3
  Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Bethel, NY 8/18/69 SB A- 2
  Don Henley An Eagle Out East Tokyo, Japan 1990 SB A 1
Don Henley Storytellers Hollywood, CA 2/19/00 SB A 1
  Hootie & The Blowfish Blue Mirage New York, NY 9/30/94 SB A+ 2
  Hootie & The Blowfish Acoustic USC, CA 4/19/96 SB A+ 1
  Hootie & The Blowfish Back To The Wetlands Wetlands, NY 2/11/98 SB A 2
  Honeydrippers The Blue Note Club Derby, England 4/21/81 Aud B+ 2
  Whitney Houston Out Of Africa Johanesburg, South Africa 1994 SB A- 2
INXS Kick It In Excess San Diego, CA 1988 SB A+ 1
  Iron Maiden The Greediness Bristol, UK 10/8/86 Aud A- 1
  Iron Maiden War Machine London, England 12/18/90 SB A 1
  Iron Maiden San Antonio 8/7/99 San Antonio, TX 8/7/99 Aud B+ 2
  Iron Maiden Dynamo 2000 Europe 6/2000 SB A- 2
Iron Maiden Eddie's Wildest Dreams Nurburgring, Germany 6/6/03 SB A 2
  Jane's Addiction England 1991 England 1991 SB A- 1
  Jewel DDDelight Various ? SB A- 1
  Jewel Everyday Angel Stuttgart, Germany 10/27/97 SB A 1
  Jewel You Were Meant For Woodstock Woodstock 1999 SB A 1
  Billy Joel Storytellers New York, NY 9/11/97 SB A 2
  Elton John Saturday Night's Alright London, England 12/22/73 SB A+ 1
  Elton John Live At The Century Plaza Hotel Los Angeles, CA 1978 SB A- 1
Elton John Where's The Band? Roanoke, VA 2/19//99 Aud A- 3
  Elton John & Billy Joel Face To Face Japan 3/30/98 SB A+ 2
  Elton John & Billy Joel Face To Face 2002 Hartford, CT 2/8/02 SB A+ 3
  Judas Priest British Steeler Calderone Hall, NY 7/5/80 SB B+ 1
  Judas Priest Point Of Entry Tour New York, NY 7/22/81 SB A 2
  Judas Priest Metal Gods Memphis, TN 1982 SB A 1
  Judas Priest 10th September 1982 San Antonio, TX 1982 SB A 1
  Judas Priest Live Bites '84 Albuqueque, NM 5/2/84 SB A 1
  Judas Priest Last Temptation New Haven, CT 8/7/88 SB A 1
  Judas Priest The Damage Is Done Los Angeles, CA 1990 SB A 1
Kiss Sweet Pain in Toronto Toronto, Canada 9/6/76 SB A- 1
  Kiss A Crazy Night With Kiss Middletown, NY 6/17/90 Aud B 2
  Kiss Unplugged Melbourne, Australia 2/5/95 Aud A 2
  Led Zeppelin Live On Blueberry Hill Great Western Forum, CA 9/4/70 Aud B+ 2
  Led Zeppelin Goin' Mobile Mobile, AL 5/13/73 SB A- 2
  Led Zeppelin Heineken Berlin, Germany 7/7/80 SB A- 2
  Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame New York, NY & more 12/1/95 SB A 1
Huey Lewis Live At The Dominion Theatre London, England 1986 SB A 1
  Huey Lewis Bluesharp Portland, OH 1987 SB A 1
  Live Supernatural New York, NY 11/94 SB A+ 1
Lynyrd Skynyrd Happiness Is A Warm Gun Atlanta, GA 8/20/94 SB A 1



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