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Rating Description Who'd Want It?
A+ Could have been a real release Top Notch Bootleg! A must have for everyone
A Almost perfect, one minor flaw Half the people won't even notice the flaw
A- Excellent, but one or two flaws, or a weakness throughout Everyone would probably enjoy this
B+ Good, but not as good as it could be Good enough for almost everyone but the finicky
B Good, but has flaws also You really love this band and were at this show
B- Fair, flawed Diehard fans only
C+ and below You are sitting on the roof of your car in the parking lot... You have every show of this band that exists except it
  Artist Name Album Title Location Date SRC Rating CDs
  Manowar Four Metal Kings Brooklyn, NY 12/29/83 Aud B 2
  Manowar Hammer Of Thor East Queens, NY 6/6/86 Aud B+ 2
  Manowar Bloodshed In Tilburg Tilburg 5/23/87 SB A- 1
  Manowar Live In Filderstadt Fillharmonic Hall, Germany 6/3/98 Aud A- 3
  Manowar Mystery In The North Sweeden 1999 Aud A 1
  Manowar Warriors Of Dortmund Dortmund, Germany 12/16/02 Aud B+ 2
  Matchbox 20 Live In Australia Sydney, Australia 1998 SB A 1
  Paul McCartney & Wings Last Flight Glascow, Scotland 12/17/79 SB A 2
  Paul McCartney Independance Day Washington, DC 7/4/90 SB A 2
  Paul McCartney Back In The U.S.A. (Vol. 3) USA 1993 SB A 1
  Megadeth American Assault Webster Hall, NY 8/25/94 SB A 1
  Megadeth 13th June 1997 Mesa, AZ 6/13/97 SB A+ 1
  Megadeth Unplugged Buenos Aires, Argentina 12/11/97 SB A 1
  John Mellencamp Wild At Night Chicago, IL 8/27/94 SB A 1
  John Mellencamp The 4th Of July Deer Creek, MI 7/4/92 SB A 2
  Metallica Seattle Box Seattle, WA 8/29/87 SB A+ 2
  Metallica No Limits - No Laws Copenhagen, Denmark 5/28/93 SB A- 1
  Metallica 20th June 1993 Basel, Switzerland 6/20/93 SB A- 1
  Metallica Loud But Secret Astoria 2, London 8/23/95 Aud A- 2
  Metallica Made In Europe Utrecht, Holland 11/12/96 SB A 1
  Metallica Devils Dance Stockholm, Sweeden 11/16/96 SB A 2
  Metallica Live In Moline Moline, IL 2/5/97 Aud A- 2
  Metallica Reload Rehersal Requested San Francisco, CA 3/21/98 SB A 1
  Metallica 1998 Metalcraft Seoul, Korea 1998 SB A- 2
  Metallica Garage Live / Garage Radio Detroit, MI 11/20/98 SB A 2
  Metallica Symphonica San Francisco, CA 4/22/99 SB B+ 2
  Alanis Morissette I've Never Been In Love Amsterdam, Holland 8/95 SB A- 1
  Alanis Morissette Light My Fire Roseland Ballroom, NY 2/8/96 SB A+ 1
  Alanis Morissette Thank U Woodstock Woodstock, NY 1999 SB A 1
  Mother Love Bone Studio Master Demos Studio Unknown SB A 1
  Motley Crue The Doctor Is In Wembly Arena, London 11/2/89 Aud C+ 2
  Motley Crue Decade Of Demos Studio 1980-1990 SB A 1
  Motley Crue Tattoo Blues Salt Lake City, UT 7/5/00 SB A 1
Nirvana Trick Or Treat Seattle, WA 10/31/91 SB A 1
  Nirvana Reading Festival London, England 8/92 SB A 1
  Nirvana Roma Roma, Italy 2/22/94 SB A 1
  Ozzy Osbourne Paranoid Man Kansas City, MO 1986 SB A 1
  Ozzy Osbourne One Up The B Side Studio 1991 SB A 1
  Ozzy Osbourne Phoenix Rising Phoenix, AZ 4/13/96 SB A 2
Pearl Jam Melkweg 92' Amsterdam, Holland 2/12/92 SB A+ 1
  Pearl Jam Live From Den Haag Den Haag, Holland 3/2/92 SB A- 1
  Pearl Jam Tivoli Gardens Utrecht, Holland 3/4/92 SB A- 1
  Pearl Jam Unplugged Uncut Uncensored NYC, NY 3/92 & 4/94 SB A 1
  Pearl Jam Burning Atlanta, GA 4/3/94 SB A+ 2
  Pearl Jam Down Under Melbourne, Australia 3/17/95 SB A+ 2
  Pearl Jam Heard Chicago, IL 7/11/95 SB A+ 2
  Pearl Jam Checkpoint Charlie Berlin, Germany 11/3/96 SB A+ 2
  Pearl Jam All Hail The Lucky Ones Melbourne, Australia 3/5/98 SB A+ 2
  Pearl Jam Studio B Various Studio Various SB A+ 2
  Pearl Jam 15th Annual Bridge School Benefit Mountain View, CA 10/01 Aud A+ 2
  Pearl Jam No Stone In Chicago Chicago, IL 9/23/02 Aud A+ 1
  Pearl Jam Showbox: First Night Seattle, WA 12/5/02 Aud A 2
  Tom Petty Southern Gentleman Florida 11/4/93 SB A 2
  Tom Petty 20 Nights At The Filmore San Francisco, CA 2/7/97 SB A 3
Tom Petty Room At The Top Of The Titanic Los Angeles, CA 3/31/99 SB A 1
Tom Petty The Vic Chicago Chicago, IL 4/19/03 SB A 2
  Page & Plant Simple Truth San Jose, CA 5/20/95 SB A 2
  Page & Plant Four Madmen And A Friend Paris, France 3/30/98 SB A 2
  Page & Black Crowes Oh Well New York, NY 10/12/99 SB A+ 2
  Pink Floyd The Great Gig On The Moon Sapporo, Japan 3/12/72 Aud B+ 1
  Pink Floyd The Wall - Nassau Uniondale, NY 2/28/80 SB A- 2
  Pink Floyd P*3 (Pulse disc 3) Various 1994 Aud A- 1
  Robert Plant Now And Here Philadelphia, PA 5/23/88 SB A 1
  Robert Plant Storytellers VH1 Studios Unknown SB A 1
  Poison Live As Paris Old Forge, PA 1984? SB B+ 1
  Poison Donington 1990 Donnington, England 8/18/90 SB A 1
  Poison 7 Days Live Hammersmith Apollo, England 8/23/93 SB A 1
  Poison Crack A Smile (1996) Studio 1996 SB A 1
Poison Tampa 2K Tampa, FL 7/16/2000 SB A 1
Police Crimewatch Europe 1980 SB A 1
  Police Many Miles Away Montreal, Canada 2/8/83 SB A 1
  Prince Tokyo 1990 Tokyo, Japan 1990 SB A 1
  Queensryche Ryche 'N' Roll Milan, Italy 12/6/90 Aud A- 2
Quireboys Monsters Of Rock Festival Donnington, England 8/18/90 SB A 1
  Red Hot Chili Peppers Woodstock 1999 Rome, NY 1999 SB A 1
  REM Songs For A Green World Orlando, FL 4/30/89 SB A 1
  REM American Acoustic Tour 1991 USA 1991 SB A 1
  REM Adhesion Milton Keynes 7/30/95 SB A+ 2
  REM We Don't Play Jimi Hendrix Songs BBC 10/27/98 SB A 1
  REM The Highest Form Of Life Stockholm, Sweeden 11/9/98 SB A- 2
  REM Fan Club & Christmas Funtime Studio 1988-1996 SB A 1
  REM Rock In Rio Live Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1/13/01 SB A 2
  Rolling Stones Conquer America New York, NY 64-67 SB A 1
  Rolling Stones Get Your Leeds Lungs Out Leeds, UK 3/13/71 SB A 1
  Rolling Stones Terrifying Atlantic City, NJ 1989 SB A- 2
  Rolling Stones St. Louis To Babylon St. Louis, MO 12/12/97 SB A+ 2
  Rolling Stones St. Louis To Babylon Bonus CD Various + 10 Spot Various ----- ----- 1
  Rolling Stones Rock The Palais Toronto, CA 8/16/02 SB A 1
  David Lee Roth Live At Selland Arena Fresno, CA 12/14/86 Aud B 1
  David Lee Roth Helsinki Finland Helsinki, Finland 7/15/99 SB B 1
  David Lee Roth The Rocking Tone Minnesota State Fair, MN 8/25/01 Aud B+ 2
  Rush Mirrors Oakland, CA 1/30/92 SB A 2
  Brian Setzer Orchestra Woodstock 1999 Rome, NY 1999 SB A 1
  Skid Row Live In California California 1989 SB A 1
Skid Row Banzai 2 Tokyo, Japan 10/8/92 SB A 2
  Skid Row Hollywood Rock Brazil 1992 SB B+ 1
  Smashing Pumpkins Secrets Of Your Dreams Dusseldorf, Germany 4/7/95 SB A 1
  Smashing Pumpkins The World Is A Vampire Chicago, IL 8/23/95 SB A 1
  Smashing Pumpkins Ava Adore London, England 98&97 SB A 1
  Soundgarden Blow Up The Outside Brixton Academy, London 9/19/96 SB B+ 2
  Sting Un Abrazo La Esperanza Santiago, Chile 1985 SB A- 2
  Sting Complete Chicago Sessions Chicago, IL 93 & 91 SB A+ 1
  Sting The Lost Angels Los Angeles, CA 10/30/99 SB A 2
  Stone Temple Pilots Interstate Love Songs Unknown 1995 SB A+ 1
  Stone Temple Pilots Unplugged And More NY & CA 94 & 93 SB A 1
  Stone Temple Pilots House Of Blues Los Angeles, CA 1995 SB A 1
  Shania Twain Kickin' It In Dallas Dallas, TX 9/12/98 SB A 2
  Tesla Radioactive Milwauke, WI 6/27/87 SB B+ 1
  Tesla Unplugged And Unsensored New York, NY 6/27/90 SB A 1
  Tesla The Last Action Heroes Various Studio Various SB A- 1
U2 War In The USA Devore, CA 5/30/83 SB A 1
  U2 High On A Desert Plain Tempe, AZ 12/19/87 SB A+ 2
  U2 Viva Santiago Santiago, Chile 2/11/98 SB A- 2
  U2 Elevation Tour Chicago Chicago, IL 5/15/01 SB A 2
  U2 Elevation Tour South Bend South Bend, IN 10/1/01 SB A+ 2
  Ugly Kid Joe Get Outta My Face USA 1992 SB A 1
  Van Halen Zero Studio Pre 76 SB A+ 1
  Van Halen Merrie Melodies: The Unreleased Various Various ----- ----- 4
  Van Halen Goldenwest Ballroom Norrwalk, CA 1976 SB B 1
  Van Halen Atomic Punk And More Pasadena, CA 12/20/77 SB A- 1
  Van Halen Live And Loud! Fresno, CA 3/25/79 SB A- 1
  Van Halen US Festival Devore, CA 5/29/83 SB B+ 2
  Van Halen 1984 Previous Night Studio 1984 SB B- 1
  Van Halen Califonia Dreamin New Haven, CT 1987 SB A+ 1
  Van Halen Diamond Dave Goes Home Again Indianapolis, IN 7/6/84 Aud B+ 1
  Van Halen Wild In The Stadium Karlsruhe, Germany 9/1/84 Aud B+ 1
  Van Halen I Can't Tell You Tokyo, Japan 2/1/89 SB A+ 1
  Van Halen Rocks The Beer Hall Toronto, Canada 8/95 SB A+ 2
  Van Halen Live At The 10 Spot Sydney, Australia 4/20/98 SB A 1
  Van Halen This Ain't Pittsburgh Hershey, PA 7/26/98 SB A 2
  Various Moscow Peace Festival Moscow, Russia 1989 SB A- 1
  Various Freddie Mercury Tribute London, England 4/20/92 SB A- 3
  Various Blood On Blood Red Bank, NJ 1/31/98 SB A 3
  Various Great British Music Festival London, England 1/20/91 SB A 3
  The Wallflowers Universal Amphitheater Los Angeles, CA 12/14/96 SB A 1
  The Wallflowers Unplugged And More Various 1997? SB A 1
Warrant Long Beach 1990 Long Beach, NY 1990 SB A 1
  Warrant Acoustic In Brazil 1998 Brazil 1998 SB A- 1
  Warrant Alternaphobic Studio / Florida 1989 SB A- 1
  Whitesnake Rock In Rio 1985 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1/19/85 SB A- 1
  Whitesnake Hot In The Night London, England 1987 SB A- 1
  Whitesnake Live In Tokyo Tokyo, Japan 6/13/88 SB A 2
  Whitesnake Slow And Easy Tokyo, Japan 1988 SB A- 1
  Whitesnake Back In Donnington Donnington, England 8/18/90 SB A+ 2
  Whitesnake Monsters Of Rock Donnington, England 8/18/90 SB A- 2
  Whitesnake The Last Farewell Buenos Aires, Argentina 12/13/97 SB A- 1
  Whitesnake Unplugged Tokyo, Japan ? SB A+ 1
  The Who Quadrophenia 1996 New York, NY 7/18/96 SB A 2
  Winger Heartbreak In Detroit Detroit, MI 1990 SB A 1
  Neil Young & Pearl Jam Listen To This Eddie San Francisco, CA 6/24/95 ? A- 2
  ZZ Top Eliminating Donnington Donnington, England 8/20/83 SB A 1
ZZ Top Waiting For The Show Hartford, CT 5/24/94 SB B+ 1
ZZ Top Live In Paris Paris, France 1996 Aud B+ 2




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