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Individual Title Links and Artwork Coming Soon

Type Description
DVD This is on a DVD-R/DVD+R
SVCD This is on a SVCD CD-R
VCD This is on a VCD CD-R
Source Description - See Specific Title Link For Information On Each Video
PRO Pro shot, typically more than one camera, typically broadcast somewhere
SVCD / VCD Originally from either SVCD / VCD
AVI Originally from AVI / DIVX / MPEG4
NET Originally from an internet stream broadcast
CAM Shot from audience camera
MULTI Shot from multiple audience cameras and mixed together
SCN Shot from audience camera at video screen
Artist Name Video Title Location Date Type Source Discs
AC/DC / Rush / Rolling Stones Toronto Rocks Toronto, Canada 7/30/03 DVD PRO 2
Beatles The Complete Rooftop Concert Abbey Road Studios Roof 1/30/69 DVD PRO 1
Guns N' Roses Live At The Ritz New York, NY 2/2/88 DVD PRO 1
Guns N' Roses Paris Paris, France   DVD PRO 1
Kiss Winterland Or Hell San Francisco, CA 1/31/75 DVD VCD 1
Metallica Rock AM Ring   6/8/03 DVD AVI 1
Pearl Jam Unplugged Queens, NY 3/16/92 DVD PRO 1
Pearl Jam Live At The House Of Blues Orlando, FL 4/12/03 VCD NET 2
Pearl Jam Bridge Benefit 2003 CA 10/26/03 DVD SCN 1
Smashing Pumpkins Live At Philipshalle Duesseldorf, Germany 4/7/96 DVD PRO 1
U2 US 83 Devore, CA 5/30/83 DVD PRO 1
U2 Joshua Tree Tour Los Angeles, CA 11/18/87 DVD PRO 1
Various Artists Guitar Wars Tokyo, Japan 8/29/03 DVD PRO 1
Who Smokes The Joint Las Vegas, NV 9/14/02 DVD CAM 1






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